Geography of africa quiz world map

Skip to main content. The Ultimate Map of Africa Quiz! Take our Africa map quiz and find out how much you know about the second-largest continent. What's name of the big island located off the south east called? Canary Islands. Isle of Man. Can you name the country highlighted in red?

What's the largest country on the continent? Which of the following countries are not neighbours with South Africa? Can you locate Egypt on the map? Which colour on the map responds to the Republic of Congo? Which country on the map is closest to Spain?

The country highlighted in red is Ethiopia.

True or false? How many countries are there in Africa? Which part of Africa is Senegal in? Rate it! More maps quizzes so-epic. More Stuff. More stuff.

geography of africa quiz world map

Family Quiz Questions! Ultimate Magic Quiz! Ultimate Picture Quiz ! The Ultimate Banana Quiz!Use our free Africa Map Quiz to learn the locations of all 54 African countries. These are the 54 countries in Africa that are fully recognized by the United Nations. Review the map and then select the correct country from the choices that are given.

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geography of africa quiz world map

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Africa: Bodies of water quiz

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World Geography Map Quiz 1 - World Regions Explained

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The Ultimate Map of Africa Quiz!

Get Results. You have completed. You have not finished your quiz. If you leave this page, your progress will be lost. Attempted Questions Correct. South Africa. Democratic Republic of the Congo. Central African Republic. South Sudan. Republic of the Congo. Burkina Faso. Sierra Leone. Equatorial Guinea.Creating a custom quiz allows you to customize a quiz for just the locations you are teaching or studying. Become a supporter to remove 3rd party ads. Africa: Physical features map quiz Africa tourist destinations Africa Airport codes type answer Africa by Region Northern Africa countries 7 questions Western Africa countries 16 questions Western Africa Capital cities 16 questions Eastern Africa countries 11 questions Central Africa countries 11 questions Southern Africa countries 10 questions.

Countries South Africa: provinces. Countries Afghanistan: provinces China: provinces China: rivers and seas India: states and union territories Iran: provinces Iraq: provinces Japan: prefectures Pakistan: provinces Philippines: islands Philippines: major cities Russia: federal subjects Russia: republics.

Match flags to the map quiz Europe tourist destinations Europe airport codes type answer. New Geography Definitions quizzes Geography definitions quiz : All questions Geography definitions quiz : Climate Geography definitions quiz : Process Geography definitions quiz : Maps and Measures Geography definitions quiz : Geography features Geography definitions quiz : Water features Older geography definitions quizzes: these ask 10 random questions Definitions study guide Definitions quiz : all categories Definitions quiz : climate Definitions quiz : process Definitions quiz: maps and measures Definitions quiz : geography features Definitions quiz : water features.

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geography of africa quiz world map

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Customizing a quiz allows you to include only the locations you choose.But to all the ones who didn't grow up plugged into an electronic device and a good day is finding your glasses, never mind Mozambique, but who have attempted this quiz, fan-FREAKING-tastic!!!

I knew just like the Arab countries and few scattered countries here and there. Of course South Africa is so easy.

geography of africa quiz world map

I know Asia better than Africa may be because we are closer to the Gulf But, anyway thanks to this quiz now I know my continent. Not sure why I put Cabinda. Too easy! We all know dinosaurs are at least 65, years old, but I'll bet you don't look a day over 59, Sierra Leone is the circular one, Guinea is the larger one, and Cote d'Ivoire is also the larger one of the two. I would think Sao Tome and Principe or Seychelles would have less. I thought Sao Tome and Principe would be the least popular.

They should make the buttons bigger. After taking the countries of the world quiz an average of 5 times a week for two months I got them all. What a difference. But not this day. I kept getting certain ones swapped around. Niger and Nigeria. Try a tricky Africa Quiz I had the most trouble with the West Coast. Best time is !! Love this website!!

Seychelles rooks like the farthest from the mainland, and I usually guess on the other ones and get them right. Your turn. And I'm only 10 and from New Zealand :D. Calling it Gambia is just wrong, fix it, please.

If anyone is wondering they chose to call it The Gambia, stead of just Gambia, because Gambia sound too similar to Zambia and they did not want people confusing them both. It certainly helped me to improve my knowledge of African geography. Makes it much slower.Ethiopia is rumored to have the ark of the covenant.

Africa is home to the famous Pygmy tribes.

The Maasai, in their bright red clothing, are probably the most familiar African tribe. An estimated languages are spoken throughout Africa. African art is often more abstract and symbolic then European art. The Afrikaners are the descendents of white South Africans, mostly Dutch.

There are several jewish populations in Africa, some dating to antiquity. The ruins of Great Zimbabwe speak to Africa's ancient cultures. The lion, king of the beasts, is native to Africa.

Africa Map Quiz

Giraffes, with their long necks, have an excellent view of Africa. Zebra, the stripped cousin of horses, are native to Africa. The legend of Mokele Membe survives in the Congo. Leopards hide in the trees of Africa. Hyena compete with lions on Africa's plains. African elephants are the largest living land animal. Whether you find it ugly or adorable, the warthog lives in Africa. Aardvark use their long tongs to eat termites in Africa.

Ethiopia suffered a devastating famine in the 's. Africa is the second largest continent in the world, by area. Africa is the second largest continent in the world, by population. The continent of Africa is separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea. Africa is connected to Asia by the Isthmus of Suez.

Africa's is northernmost point of is in the nation of Morocco. The Nile is one of the largest rivers on earth. The Sahara desert is largest non-polar desert in the world. Africa's highest peak is on Mt.Would you like your scores to be saved so that you can track your progress? Get a Seterra membership on Patreon. There is also a Youtube video you can use for memorization!

Ultimate African Geography Quiz!

Seterra is an entertaining and educational geography game that lets you explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, flags, oceans, lakes and more!

You can access the Seterra online quiz site using your computer, phone, or tablet running the latest version of most web browsers, including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

The Seterra app offers two game modes, plus high score lists to keep track of your progress. Also, with the app, you can play offline! Relocation of key government offices begins in early ! The Burundi president named Gitega to be the nation's capital. Read about a few of Africa's wildest animal species! Where are the world's most unequal countries? Widespread poverty remains a real problem, especially in Africa. Find out what countries are known by more than one name.

Learn more about the political status of Western Sahara. What countries in Africa have the highest GDPs? What countries in Africa have the highest GDP per capita?

Log in Log out. All The U. Print Options. Africa: Countries - Map Quiz Game.Skip to main content. Ultimate African Geography Quiz! Do YOU bless the rains down in Africa?

Kenya pass the test? Take the quiz and find out! In which city would you find Table Mountain? Cape Town. Cape Cod. Which of these is NOT an African country? What is the capital of Namibia? Gust Canyon. Trump Tower. Which African country has this flag? In what African country is Mount Kilimanjaro?

Tanbridge Wells. Who speaks the Maa language? The Maasai. The Maamites. The Maamas and The Paapas. The Maavel Cinematic Universe.

Who was the Great Pyramid of Giza built for? King Tut. Khnum Khufu. Meghan Markle. What stretch of water divides Africa and India? The Red Sea. The Dead Sea.

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